4133 W. Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60624
Crisis Help Line: 833-413-HELP
Wellness Center: 773-745-2620


  • Experiencing a tough bout of Depression? 

  • Feeling angry or triggered by things that would not normally cause distress? 

  • Are you having challenges with insomnia or looking for a voice of empathy for a missed loved one in grieving? 

  • Are you a care provider and looking for an ear to listen or services to support the love and empathy that you are providing a family member?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions--clients, family members, and other providers can now engage our highly trained crisis clinicians with our 24 hour round-the-clock crisis intervention services. Our clinicians are also connected with area providers and hospitals to garner resources that can specially tailor to your necessities.

 The Westside Community Triage & Wellness Center is a strategic partnership between Habilitative Systems, Inc., Bobby E. Wright Comprehensive Mental Health Center, and Cook County Health and Hospital Systems to mitigate violence and trauma on Chicago's Westside. The Westside Community Triage & Wellness Center serves as an oasis of wellness to provide screening/assessments, crisis intervention, intensive case management services, psychotropic medications, referrals, and follow up to all our clients and family members.