The Employment & Training Department offers services that include instruction in basic independent living skills, sheltered employment training and preparation for placement in supportive and/or competitive employment for persons with developmental disabilities. Our various programs assist consumers to achieve their maximum independence level by increasing their earning capacity, self esteem and self-sufficiency.

 Developmental Training Center

The program provides personal growth by altering behavioral patterns and enhancing selfsufficiency of adults with disabilities. Activities provided will move consumers toward optimal use of natural supports, self help and great self sufficiency, choice, control of their lives and increased participation in the community.


Sheltered Employment Services

sheltered employment program that trains and employs adults with disabilities. Vocational Counseling, employment preparation, skills enhancement and placement of clients in supportive and competitive employment are the most important program components.


Supported Employment Program

Ensures that consumers make smooth transitions from Organizational Employment to Community Employment. This program assists consumers in acquiring the skills necessary to secure and maintain Community Employment. There are four components to the SEP:

  • Job Readiness
  • Development & Supports
  • Job Placement Services,
  • Job Site Training and Follow-up services.