Grand Opening: August 1, 2018

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Walk-in, Hotline, and Mobile Crisis services  operating 24-hours, 7-days a week. The center is designed to provide immediate crisis intervention and stabilization. Once stabilization has been achieved, Staff works with you to develop an individualized safety/care plan. Our caring staff not only identifies resources in your area for on-going support with providers who specialize in your area of need, but will participate in an warm handoff with you and the on-going support provider.

Wellness Collage

In addition to crisis intervention and stabilization, the wellness component of the center uses a wholistic approach to health, healing and wellness. By addressing the whole person, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, they find wellbeing and balance in their life. The center will provide activities that promote healthier lifestyles, reducing stress, developing physical activity goals, and providing nutritional education.

Westside Community Triage and Wellness Center • 4133 West Madison  Chicago, Illinois 60624