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The Westside Community Triage & Wellness Center is a strategic partnership between Habilitative Systems, Inc., Bobby E. Wright Comprehensive Mental Health Center, and Cook County Health and Hospital System to mitigate violence and trauma on Chicago's Westside. This serves as a neighborhood urgent mental health center that accepts on site walk-ins and is centrally located at 4133 W. Madison Avenue, Chicago, IL. The Westside Community Triage & Wellness Center serves as an oasis of wellness to provide screening/assessments, crisis intervention, intensive case management services, psychotropic medications, referrals, and follow up to all our clients and family members. There are Mobile Crisis and Crisis Line components to complement the aforementioned services that are accessible 24 hours/ 7 Days a week by experienced and compassionate crisis clinicians.

Habilitative Systems, Inc.                                                    Bobby E. Wright Behavioral Health Center