HSI Mission

HSI uses a comprehensive multi-tiered approach that engages prevention, intervention, treatment, research, and care management to build healthy communities.

HSI Vision

HSI through a continuum of care approach is building healthy communities for underserved populations with disabilities and people living with an array of human services needs.


Commitment to the effective provision of QUALITY human service that respects the rights of those served

LOYALTY to the values and principles of the organization. HSI views this as critical to the achievement of its mission and vision.

Open candid, and honest communication throughout its organization which serves to unlock human compassion and develops an environment of MUTUAL RESPECT, trust, and confidence.

Quality and reliability of its services that are dependent on the INTEGRITY of those providing them.

COMMON UNITY that develops productive communities and requires a shared vision, a unified goal and purpose, and a cooperative spirit with staff and consumer input.

COMMITMENT that grows out of faith and a decision to achieve HSI’s common goals.

Quality of HSI’s service that is evidenced by the organization’s commitment to SKILLED COMPETENCE.

HSI’s POSITIVE IMAGE as a leader that is reflective in its commitment to innovative, quality service.


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