Clara hope House

1049 N. Drake
Chicago, IL 60651

Provides residential housing in a community setting and an array of responsive services for 8 homeless adult mentally ill consumers with or without a co-occurring disorder of substance abuse and will help them achieve their highest level of self efficiency.


Williams Decree House

Leola Spann House
4732 West Ohio
Chicago, IL 60644

 Provides transitional residential and support services to  individuals diagnosed with serious mental illness, who are residents of nursing facilities as they transition to permanent  supportive housing in accordance with the Williams Consent Decree.  These individually based services include a community support team, case management, life skills and counselling.


One of five newly constructed 811 houses for persons with disabilities. These units provide additional housing for this population and allow for placement in both a community based and lesser restrictive environment. The project is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Delores Exum House
3421 West Huron
Chicago, IL 60651

Hazel Phillips House
5027 West Maypole
Chicago, IL 60644


Nola Bright House
4854 West Fulton
Chicago, IL 60644


Robert LeFlore House
4652 W. Jackson
Chicago, IL 60644




Emergency Housing

915 N. Massasoit
Chicago, IL 60651

Provides supervised residential homelike environment for persons in crisis situations who suffer psychiatric illness and/or substance abuse. Services are available to persons who are unable to live independently, but do not require hospitalization


4234 W. Potomac
Chicago, IL 60651


Provides supervised residential services for adults that have a mental illness and/or developmental disability. The CILA is designed to meet the needs of the individuals and allow them to explore and achieve personal growth through access to community facilities and programs.


Tabitha house1

550 N. Pine
Chicago,IL 60644

A 28 bed recovery home for chemically dependent women who are in the recovery process. Women in this residential program receive individual and group counseling and intensive case management services to develop and implement strategies to meet the objectives of independent and drug-free living. More permanent housing and employment are primary focuses while in the program.